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    on is dead, Mrs.Broughton is lost, and L●awrence will not talk.I wonder if this will un●seal his tongue.I think I shall h?/p>

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    坅ve to see him at once. We'll have t●o report to Broughton first.▓ That poor man is on my mind. Very ●

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    well, we'll go there first.My chief ▓anxiety regarding him is that he'll give● the whole thing away to the● polic

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s hiding somewhere.She had money and she is● accustomed to traveling.I think you may fe▓el reasonably sure that she is safe.Speaking ▓for Lawrence, we are anxious to find her, but ●speaking for her, it may be just as● well that she

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    should not be found until after ▓the grand jury has adjourned. ▓ What do you mean demanded▓ Broughton, fiercely. She know●s more about the Fullerton murder than it ●would be agreeable for her to

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    tell in court. ● You are mad, gasped Broughton. Why doe●s she disappear, as soon as she knows that ▓Bede has connected her with the a▓ffairs of that night Broughton walked the ●floor.Then he stopped abrup?/p>

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    坱ly before Howell. I wish that you w●ould call up the county jail▓ and find out if she has been t▓here to see Lawrence.You can fin●d out hypothetically, without giving name▓s, you know. That isn

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    't▓ a bad idea, said Howell.He went to the● telephone and inquired whether anyon●e had been admitted to see Lawrence ●that afternoon.The answer, when he repeated ●it to the others, seemed significant. A w●oman

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